Saturday, December 29, 2012

At long last...another post

Are you looking for more of what I do??? 

Here are some items I've made recently...I hope you like them!

This is the front of an adorable card that lets someone know you're thinking of them!!!
And here is the thoughtful!
This is one of four Welcome/Home Sweet Home "signs"
 I made for my sons for Christmas.  Each one mirrors a part of their personal lives.
  This one shows two dogs.  While not an exact image, each dog is a representation of my son and daughter-in-law's beautiful dogs.
This one needed a masculine touch, so there are no flowers or butterflies.
I couldn't use "Welcome" for this one because the recipient's last name starts with "W," so I used Home Sweet Home instead.  The background has a child swinging on a swing hanging from a large tree.
This one incorporates the colours the kids have in their home.  So, as you see, it's mostly blacks, greys and white.  Their home is stunning with the contrasts.  Again, I had to use the Home Sweet Home because the recipients' surname starts with "W." 
This one, I made for my "powder room." 
So many times, guests forget to put the lid down on the toilet,
 so rather than be "rude"
and continually ask, I thought I'd try putting up a cute little sign. 
Turns out, it's a great reminder, and it works well.  :)

I saw this saying on Facebook and thought it would be appropriate
 as a card-front for my parents' niche at the columbarium. 
While they're both gone now, I still want to acknowledge them during the holidays. 
I also made one slightly different for my grandparents' niche.
This is an adorable, little card I made for my niece!
Her favourite colour is orange, followed by yellow!
While not traditional colours for Christmas,
I think the card turned out rather well. 
It's kinda cute :)
And this is a cute, little card for another niece.
Her favourite colour is purple, but I'll bet you
Again, not a very traditional colour for Christmas,
but I think with the silver, it worked quite well.

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